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You work in international business. Your organisation, your team, your clients, your suppliers: they originate or operate  across national or linguistic borders. You recognise that this adds an additional challenge to your day-to-day life, which is already tough enough. You probably use at least two languages on a daily basis. One of them is almost certainly English. If it’s not your native language, you are terrified that it impedes your performance. If it is your native language, you’re aware that half the people you talk to don’t quite understand you. The tricks and flourishes you use when negotiating with, or presenting or writing to, a local audience, don’t seem to work with an international one. Quite simply, you need to be better at this.

This is why you need Canning. Since 1965 we have helped people like you to communicate more effectively while doing business across borders. The worldwide web is full of companies offering to do these things for you. What makes us different? Explore our website and have a look. Or, even better, contact us and talk to one of our team about what we could do for you and your organisation. Our existing clients know we are the best. You need to discover that for yourself.




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