The Training

At Bayer we see Canning as the Mercedes of training.
Klaus Hering, Human Resources, Bayer AG, Germany

You know what you want to say. You have a clear message inside your head. But you can’t find the right words. In meetings, you’re not fast enough and you miss your opportunity to speak. On the phone, you only understand 50% of the conversation. When you make a presentation, you don’t have enough impact. And you always feel like you’re negotiating from a weak position. You need to make progress quickly. That’s why you need Canning Training. Since 1965, we’ve been helping people like you, people who work internationally, to find the right words and make progress fast.

From the moment you arrive in London, the training will not stop. Sure, you’ll learn intensively through constant real-world simulations. But we’re also listening to what you say while you eat your lunch, while you drink your coffee and while you negotiate with the taxi driver at the end of a night out. Every moment is an opportunity to make your English more precise, more natural and more powerful.

Our Method

Your time is precious. We structure Canning courses so that you spend every moment improving your ability to speak or to listen. We constantly simulate the English speaking environment that you work in, so that you’re constantly practising the English you need – not the language of a textbook.

We listen to you very, very carefully; we understand what is stopping you from communicating effectively in English; and then we give you the language you need to succeed.

Our Trainers

We don’t recruit English teachers. We recruit linguists from the business world and train them to teach English. Your trainer understands the pressures of your working life and your struggle with the English language.

We know it’s not all about grammar and vocabulary. We’re English teachers and we’re communication trainers. Expect your trainer to have in-depth knowledge of presenting powerfully, negotiating successfully, communicating across cultures and motivating international teams. We know when it’s time to stop talking about grammar and start talking about how you speak – your communication strategy. We don’t teach you to say it right. We teach you to say the right thing.

Meet the team

Our Courses

Below you’ll find details of all the English for Business and Communication Skills courses we offer at Canning Training, London. We can also run these courses at your location. Get in touch with us and we will make it happen. You can book all our courses online, and you can also download our 2021 Open Courses price list.