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English is the language of international business. Do native speakers have an advantage? You might think so, but recently one of our customers in the aviation industry told us that they chose an inferior French product over a superior British one because “we don’t understand the British when they speak English. The French are much clearer.”

As a native speaker, you might have noticed that many non-native speakers don’t fully understand you. The tricks and flourishes you might use when communicating with a local audience don’t seem to work with an international one.

Too often native English-speaking business people fail to adapt their language and delivery to a more international environment.  They don’t know how to speak Offshore English – the real language of international business. They fail to recognise that many words like control, delay or eventual can mean something quite different to a non-native speaker.

This one day course is designed to help them do so.  It should benefit anyone who answers the telephone regularly to non-native speakers of English, manages international teams or presents regularly to international audiences.

The content of tailored courses is agreed with the client and fine-tuned with the participants. However, on a typical workshop you could expect to:

  • Understand how you speak. What do the non-native speakers you talk to find most difficult (it’s certainly not just about speed)?
  • Feel what it’s like to be a non-native speaker operating in English.
  • Get simple rules, relating to vocabulary and communication strategy, which will make you crystal-clear when communicating in an international environment.
  • Apply the rules – run a meeting, present, make a phone call – and practise communicating in Offshore English.

Our training is practical and tailored to individual needs. You can expect to spend a large amount of time communicating in contexts that you encounter frequently in your working life. Our trainers are experienced international communicators – they’ll give you the skills and feedback you need to become an experienced international communicator yourself.

If this course interests you, contact us and we can start looking at the next step.

Interactive, constructive, very relevant, helpful and implementable. Made me more aware of the role a facilitator plays. Very good practical and useful tips and tricks.

CDT, Roche, Switzerland (Facilitating Workshops Effectively tailored course)
Excellent mix of group activity and role-play.
PF, Rolls Royce, UK (Cultural Awareness/Working in South-East Asia course)
This was a great and rich experience! … It was simply one of the best courses I’ve ever attended!
MU, UBS AG, Switzerland (Advanced Presentations and Meeting Skills course)

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