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Improve your English by training with a group of professionals like you. You’ll work together to run meetings, solve problems over the phone, present powerfully and negotiate successfully. As an international team of no more than six (average four) you’ll develop more precise, more natural and more powerful English.

  • Intensive group training: 0900 – 1730, Monday – Friday
  • Maximum group size: 6
  • Average group size: 3
  • Total contact time: 41+ hours per week
  • Evening social activities
  • Minimum English level: Low Intermediate (but lower level may be possible – speak to us)
  • Minimum Age: 21

At Canning, we don’t follow a pre-defined course programme. Our course programme is you. When you start the course, you’ll brief us about the biggest challenges you face in English – presenting sales figures to your boss, explaining technical details to your client, holding a meeting via video conferencing – and we’ll make sure you face these challenges every day. Every participant has their own needs, but group courses often include…

  • Social English: ice-breaking, small talk, networking.
  • Meetings: solve problems, make suggestions and convince others.
  • Phone calls, conference calls and video conferencing: follow the discussion and communicate clearly when you’re not in the same room.
  • Presentations: stand up and get your message across clearly, persuasively and memorably.
  • Negotiations: get to win-win solutions with your clients, suppliers or colleagues.
  • Intensive listening practice: capturing the “big picture” and the detail of high-speed conversations between native and non-native speakers with a range of accents.
  • Taking control of conversations: influence the pace and direction of a conversation so that you have time to understand and contribute.
  • Grammar: it doesn’t have to be boring! We’ll give you the grammar you need to communicate clearly and sound impressive.
  • Pronunciation: learn the natural sounds, rhythms and contractions of spoken English.

If you would like to combine this training with some other training (e.g. Individual); you can’t find the exact course you’re looking for, or you’re not sure which course would be best for you, contact us. We’d be happy to make a recommendation.

Your time is precious. We structure Canning courses so that you spend every moment improving your ability to speak or to listen. We constantly simulate the English-speaking environment that you work in, so that you’re constantly practising the English you need – not the language of a textbook. We listen to you very, very carefully; we understand what is stopping you from communicating effectively in English; and then we give you the language you need to succeed.

We don’t recruit English teachers. We recruit multilingual professionals from the business world and train them to teach English. Your trainer understands the pressures of your working life and your struggle with the English language.

We know it’s not all about grammar and vocabulary. We’re English teachers and we’re communication trainers. Expect your trainer to have in-depth knowledge of presenting powerfully, negotiating successfully, communicating across cultures and motivating international teams. We know when it’s time to stop talking about grammar and start talking about how you speak – your communication strategy. We don’t teach you to say it right. We teach you to say the right thing. Find out more about our team of trainers. 

If your dates are flexible, get in touch with us directly. We occasionally have seasonal offers.

2020 Prices:
(Registration Fee: £80)

1 week – £1530
2 weeks – £2755
3 weeks – £4130
4 weeks – £5510
5 weeks – £6885
6 weeks – £8260
7 weeks – £9640
8 weeks – £11,015

Canning is a very good business English school. I could refresh and improve my English here to a higher level. Now I’m prepared for new tasks in the English-speaking business world.
MK, Hoval Herzog, Switzerland (English for Business group course)
Canning training is a very good mix of intensive practice and a friendly social programme. This makes you feel confident and helps you improve a lot.
VC, Robert Bosch, France (English for Business 1-week group course)
Canning really cared about my needs and offered me the perfect tailored training. It was very efficient and successful.
FC, Luzerner Kantonalbank, Switzerland (English for Business group course and Intensive Individual one-to-one training)

Other Courses

Below you’ll find details of all the English for Business and Communication Skills courses we offer at Canning Training, London. We can also run these courses at your location. Get in touch with us and we will make it happen. You can book all our courses online, and you can also download our 2020 Open Courses price list.